Alia, Parks and Company

Artistry of Social Enterprise

More than an Art, Photography and Promotions Agency, We invest our Time, Money and Energy back into the Community.

It is important that our services are a tool of self improvement to individuals and businesses. My camera doesn't simply capture images, it is indeed my tool to connect, motivate and liberate my clients. Our events are productions that have a deeper intent of healing.

We pride ourselves on having a unique style of encouraging all to be involved in community change. We believe in working with, not waiting and being dependent on politicians and grants. Using Art, Entertainment, and Basic Business principles we are proud to produce real solutions to real problems, Social Enterprise.

  • Portrait Sessions: w/ emphasis on self esteem building
  • Portrait Events to create healthy family and village interaction
  • Private Photo Parties
Art and Cultural:
  • Community and Youth Organizational Development: Curriculum, Workshops, Events
  • Artist Representation and Exhibiting
  • Specializing in Village Events that promote Healthy Inter-generational Bonding
Social Cause Awareness: 
  • Alia, Parks Academy trained Youth Promo team for Online and In Person Promotions
  • Campaign Development to raise awareness and funds to Support Non-Profit
  • Volunteer Recruitment, Online Marketing, Fundraising and Civic Networking