Thursday, July 10, 2014


Grief hurts when the Love was so good. 
Sunshine and Rain make Rainbows... this blog are for those Rainbows

Recently, my father passed away and it has sent me tail-spinning between Sadness, Gratitude and Anxiousness. 3 weeks afterwards, Dr. Maya Angelou passed away. She was Aunt to my Cousins and Mother of Wisdom to the world. It all sends me back to 13 Years ago when I lost one of my Best Friends, Donny Parks. I didn't know what to do with that pain, so I used it as force to create Alia, Parks and Co. It has been a fun roller coaster so I thought I'd share and take a few of you along for the ride.

Today, at this moment, I find myself full of dynamic experiences. It's feels like a magic string of moments, Synchronicity gone Wild. Magical because they're special, maybe only to Me, but special none the less. I’m swollen at the ankles, belly full, and spirit overflowing with tales of success, passion, struggle, perseverance, love, and triumph! I just want to write, take pictures and share them with anyone who feels inclined to listen. I guess at 41 years old, I'm transitioning into an Elder.

These stories are just tiny glimpses of human condition told to me and lessons living on through me.

For my father, I SHINE and for Maya Angelou, I SHARE.  

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