Monday, July 14, 2014

Boxing from Oakland To Ivory Coast!

My great grandfather, Benny Von Hooks AKA Big Daddy, is famous for his storytelling from MS to LA. I have inherited his gift of “having ears that listen,” says my Great Uncle Washington. Uncle Wash was born in Louisiana, he migrated to Oakland in 1944. He later became a Boxing Coach in the 1964 Olympics for the Ivory Coast. Uncle Wash is 74 and shares my family’s love for African and African-American culture. He is a keeper of jazz, blues, history and art. His collections are priceless and will be available to share with the public soon.

I visited Uncle Washington in Georgia recently. He's getting up in age and it was heavy taking it all in... taking in the fact that my Elder is getting older and not going to be here forever. I'm sure it's the recent unexpected death of my father that has me thinking this way. Sad that it took that but, glad I had a big wake up call. Those Adults that I've always admired, respected and have been there for me in many ways... are getting older and leaving. It's not something just to make me sad but instead make time more PRECIOUS and each moment something to savor. It also makes it important that I get things off of my chest now... How much I love them and what I would do different if I had the chance. I'm getting them to open the door for us to understand each other better. And getting their approval for the Family healing that I desire, this takes talking about things that make us uncomfortable at times, but it happens in a space of Love.
We have to hold on to our stories with pride. They aren’t always pretty and perfect…often times they’re painful and cause shame. All we can do is Love enough to share, learn from our mistakes, forgive, ask for forgiveness and move on. I'm glad Uncle Wash and I never had anything too deep to ask forgiveness for, other than taking each other for granted and not communicating as much as we could have... thankfully he is still here and we are changing this and Another reason why I write.

Now, I'm off to print this Blog and mail to my Great Grands... Aunt Georgia said yesterday "That's great you wanna honor us Baby but how we go read the blog if we not on the computer, Ya got ta think about that!" Yes indeed, I should've but instead I needed the wisdom out her mouth. Glad I listen...

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