Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sisterhood and My Queens

Georgia, Ann, Ruth and Dorothy circa 1980
Dorothy, Georgia and Ruth circa 1960

My Great-Grandmother, Arabelle has 4 daughters, Georgia, Ruth (my Grandmother), Dorothy and Ann… they are my Grands, My Queens. They have always been an example of strength, loyalty, understanding and dependability for our entire family. It is indeed Sisterhood at its finest. So, I’m the oldest of 6 sisters. My mother never used the words “step” or “half” or “in-law” to our relationship, and we never treated each other that way either.  What’s even more beautiful and remarkable is that I wasn’t raised with all of my sisters but we All have the same traits of being dedicated and loving to one another. We have certainly had our issues but whatever the issue may have been, it was always transformed into a love lesson.

In my family, my cousins all take on the role of sister with one another. We greet each other by title “Sister” or “Cousin” because it makes us warm inside and tells everyone in ear shot that we are Proudly family. Not to diss my friends at all, as a matter of fact, they know that our bond is so deep, they are my Sisters as well.

If I could be a big passionate dreamer that I am, I can imagine a society where instead of seeing all of the differences in each other, women looked at each other and recognized that we are sisters. That’s a Whole lot I know. What I’ll do is start with me. It means working on being a better Sister, Daughter, Niece, Cousin, Friend, Co-Worker, Neighbor and even Stranger.

I think all of this self work is practice to becoming a Queen. It’s easy to be nice to people, and it’s easy to be mean. It can depend on how you feel about a person or simply how you feel in that moment. I’m learning that the more you Love Yourself, you naturally treat people with that extended love. I am a work in progress!

Thank you for being taking the time to learn alittle bit about my Queens, I look forward to sharing each one of their individual stories!

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