Monday, July 28, 2014

DON'T MISS... We Are One Together: Ubuntu

Melanie and Melorra with the
Beautiful half of another Set of Twins!
Please meet Melanie and Melorra Green, The Twins! That is of course if you haven't already had the pleasure of meeting them while they curate or host something wonderful. They are Southern Sweethearts and fellow Culture Keepers. I recently met them in preparation for their Exhibit, Ubuntu: Can Art Save a Community? If you know me even a tiny bit, then you'll know that the Title alone speaks to my passion, and yet it gets better! More than an exhibit, the Greens have created an ongoing synergy of events used to create dialogue and action surrounding Saving our Village.

You know that feeling when you meet someone new, or when you get to know someone better, and you recognize that you are kindred spirits? Well if you don't I'll try to describe it simply. You speak with this person straight from the heart with a knowing that what you are understood, supported and further inspired! This is what I get from Melanie and Melorra. Their dedication to Art, People (here and past on) is simply beautiful.

This is a project that I could not resist supporting in anyway. There is so much talk around Who is from Oakland and Who is doing what... I appreciate those who Serve the community versus spending time discussing the community. Well, I'm not one to talk much about that because I support whoever is Doing the Work. There is more than enough work to share in the Village. In exiting a meeting for the upcoming show, Artist, K-Dubb Williams says "Well, great conversation but I gotta go do the work". As in perfect synchronicity I had the honor of meeting Ms Janice Mirikitani, Cofounder and ED of Glide Memorial. My sister is there making beautiful waves By The Way. She tells me almost daily of how inspiring both her boss and Janice are as women and human beings. In meeting,  I humbly thanked Ms Janice for her village love and dedication. She squeezed my hand and said, "Thank You for continuing the work." Rev. Cecil and Ms Janice have been serving community for decades and they need us to step up. At an event last week, this was the sentiment of the Board for the Friends of African American Museum and Library. It's the same sentiment I hear from my Friend, Godmother and Mentor, Joyce Gordon says. Bottom line, it's up to US to save the community.

I invite you all to support community and Have Fun at the same time. Art, Music, Culture in every form is healing, lucrative and brings the world together. 

Please join us this First Friday for the opening of 

Ubuntu: Can Art Save a Community?
Omi Gallery inside Impact Hub
2323 Broadway
Oakland, Ca
Friday August 1, 2014 7-10

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